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Self Care Birthday Basket for a very special 31st Birthday. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing, that's why we 

We put all of the goodies in this one of kind Buddha Box, which gave it that extra special touch!

Items Included in the basket:

  • "Remember the Journey" Journal
  • Customized Mug with Client's name over a Red Lotus Flower
  • Unlearn: 101 Life Lessons by Humble the Poet
  • Happy Mind, Happy Life Bookmark
  • Blue Floral Scrunchie by All Tied Up
  • EOS Mint Chapstick
  • L O V E Rose Quartz Crystal by Auria | Known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz is believed to inspire an open heart. Formed by the forces of nature, each single solid rose quartz crystal is a unique find with variations in shape and shades of soft pink.
  • Soothe Himalayan Salt Soak in Rose + Ylang-ylang by Kismet
  • Auria Blue Sodalite Candle | Embedded in the soy-blend wax, you’ll discover three blue sodalite energy crystals to harness personal intuition 
  • Basket - All future orders will have a different basket as this custom basket is no longer available.

Did you know that all of our baskets are 100% reusable? Our baskets can be re-used for another gift, storage basket, photo box, a décor piece, as an organization container in your home etc., the possibilities are endless!

*PLEASE NOTE: If an item(s) are no longer available in the gift basket, we reserve the right to replace the item(s) with equal or greater value.