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Muse Baskets and Co.


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Forest Bathing Tea by Seal Organics."Sink into a true forest bathing experience with our newest scent of cedar wood and vetiver. Cedar, juniper, and calendula will soothe your muscles while bladderwrack seaweed will hydrate your skin."

Scrunchy by Mode Bella Baby. The Scrunchy is an effortless way to upgrade any outfit whether your heading into the office or spending the day with the kids. It will keep your hair up all day and night without causing any harm. Our Scrunchy is made with high quality fabric with the utmost attention to detail to provides that perfect amount of scrunch! 

So Sweet Bergamot Vanilla by So Luxury. Só Sweet Mineral Sugar Face & Body Scrub is made with sugar, pink Himalayan salt and a combination of hydrating butters and oils for a gentle yet effective exfoliation that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated! Scented with Bergamot Essential Oil and Phthalate-Free Vanilla Fragrance Oil.

Honey Oat Cleansing Bar by So Suxury. Só Luxury's Honey Oat is a gentle cleansing bar made with olive oil, shea butter coconut milk, oats and honey. 

Sugar Free Traditional Peanut Brittle by Sweetsmith Candy Co. No this is not a fever dream you CAN have it all! An age old classic treat. Traditional peanut brittle is always perfect for your everyday life! Road trips, hikes or even a treat to keep in your desk drawer, this is the snack everyone has voted their favourite. If you know someone who likes old fashioned snack or sticking to traditions this is the perfect option!

Blueberry Honey by BC Buzz Honey. Our blueberry hives are located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Blueberry Honey comes from the nectar from the blueberry blossom and is high in antibacterial antioxidants and works as an anti-inflammatory. BC Buzz Blueberry Honey is Amber in color with a rich fruity taste.

Queen of Green by Rain City Tea Co. 15 Plastic-free pyramid tea bags. Organic green tea - Green Tea Blend. Amidst endless bounties of luscious green and fresh mountain air lies, a city where it always rains. Capturing the essence of this place was no easy task, luckily our green tea blend aims to do just that. 

Beautifully presented in a Kraft keepsake box, tied with ribbon and finished with a handwritten note card.