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Gourmet Inspirations Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

The name itself is a mouthful, and that is just how you will want to eat it! What could be more Canadian than maple syrup? Saying “Canadian Maple” is almost redundant!  

Our beautiful indigenous people tapped maple trees and started to use the sap. The world has benefited from their discovery and knowledge as the syrup is exported near and far.  

Thankfully Canada keeps plenty of the syrup for our own use as the addition here, in our sauce, adds the sweetness and depth to the overall flavor.

Of course we aren’t talking about a dessert sauce here, so there must be much more than maple syrup involved in making this BBQ sauce.  Enter dark balsamic vinegar!  And not just any balsamic vinegar but maple bourbon dark balsamic vinegar. 

Think rich, smooth, deep and full. That describes the punchy acidic vinegar.  The acid of the vinegar mellows out the sweetness of the syrup while the bourbon, and the fact that it is dark balsamic vinegar, draws the flavor to those deep, rich notes. 

The result is a BBQ sauce experience that makes you long for your smoker, grill or barbecue. While we don’t have summer all year long, the good news is that you can taste it throughout the cooler months when using this Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce.  

Slather it on ribs, no matter what the weather. Treat yourself to a great burger, topped with this sauce, any time.  Steak is never a bad idea, especially with the right sauce!  Need more ideas?  Top your meatloaf with this BBQ sauce before you bake it. Just pour it on, brush it on the sides and pop it into the oven.