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Your New Go-To Burger Condiment

Discover the ultimate kitchen companion in our Candied Jalapeño Relish. This relish version of our best-selling Candied Jalapeños is perfect for spreading on burgers, sandwiches, and more. A balance of sweetness and spice that transforms anything you spread it on.

Uniquely Curated, Exceptionally Preserved

At SaltSpring Kitchen Co., we're dedicated to creating extraordinary flavours that elevate everyday meals. Our Candied Jalapeño Relish is a testament to our passion for bringing a unique twist to familiar favourites.

Handmade on Salt Spring Island

Every batch uses the freshest jalapeños and the best ingredients. We believe in the beauty of small-batch production, where the natural variation in heat levels adds character and depth to our relish while maintaining our high quality standards.

Why You'll Love Our Candied Jalapeño Relish:

  • A perfect balance of sweet heat, ideal for a variety of dishes
  • Adds a gourmet touch to burgers, sandwiches, and more
  • Enhances recipes like our signature Spicy Potato Chickpea Burger
  • Elevates your culinary creations with its unique flavour profile
  • Crafted with premium, high-quality ingredients
  • A unique flavour-packed condiment
  • An excellent gift choice for any foodie and home chef
  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free

Transform Your Burgers with Candied Jalapeño Relish

Spread it on your favourite burger, layer it in a sandwich, mix it into sauces, or dollop it on grilled meats – the culinary possibilities are endless. Explore bold and exciting flavours in your cooking, or just crack the lid and spread it on cheese.

125 ml |  Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 90 days.