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Candied Jalapeños are your secret weapon in the kitchen. Add them to your favourite dishes, from tacos and sandwiches to omelettes and pizzas, to experience a perfect blend of sweetness and heat. Each batch is handcrafted using the freshest jalapeños and the finest quality ingredients.

Handcrafted Excellence

Our commitment to quality means that the heat level may vary slightly from batch to batch, embracing the artistry of small-batch production while ensuring each jar meets our high standards. Our unique preparation method involves slow-cooking fresh jalapeños in a sweet, tangy syrup until they're perfectly candied.

Why You'll Love Our Candied Jalapeños:

  • A delicious blend of sweet and spicy in every bite

  • Endlessly versatile – perfect for a wide range of dishes and culinary creations

  • Elevate tons of recipes like our Spicy Potato Chickpea Burger or Mezcal Caesar Cocktails

  • Crafted with premium, high-quality ingredients
  • Bursting with flavour, a must-try for any foodie

  • A unique gift for any occasion

  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives

  • Vegan

  • Gluten-Free

Endless Versatility for Candied Jalapeños

Add them to your favourite pizza, stir-fry, salsa, BBQ sauce, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, creamy dips, breakfast sandwiches, and even as a topping for ice cream – the possibilities are endless. 

270 ml | Refrigerate after opening and savour within 90 days