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For simplicity sake, we left the title of this seasoning blend on the short side.  There just simply isn’t space to write “Garlic Lovers Seasoning, Dip Mix, Spread Seasoner, Sauce Starter, Vegetable Sprinkler, Seafood Enhancer, Maker of Magic Potatoes and Much, Much More.”  That would be ridiculous!  

All you really need to know is if you like garlic (without the lasting smell!) and the way it makes almost everything taste so much better, you are a Garlic Lover and this seasoning is just for you!

We are right there with you!  It is hard to go wrong with this garlic cooking seasoning blend. Garlic is such a wonderful flavour enhancer. 

You can use it in simple ways, such as mixing it with sour cream for a great chip or vegetable dip, or with cream cheese for a cracker, crostini or bagel spread. You can also go a little more fancy, although just as easy, by mixing a little with melted butter to dunking your lobster or shrimp.  

Use it to finish a dish by pouring the same mixture over top of some nicely caramelized scallops. Need more ideas? Sprinkle on cooked vegetables, potatoes, or proteins such as beef, chicken or even eggs. Add it to the yolk mixture when making deviled eggs for the perfect bite.  

Gourmet Inspirations Homemade Garlic Lovers Seasoning is also great for seasoning sauced garlic bread and numerous other foods.

It’s truly a wonder what the right seasoning can do.  We believe we worked out the best ratio of salt, garlic and other herbs and spices to work for so many applications.  

Just the right seasoning can take a dish from Okay to Amazing in the time it takes to sprinkle it on.  And when a dish goes from Okay to Amazing, you go right with it!

The possibilities are endless! Mix into melted butter or oil to taste. Delicious for: Mashed potatoes, prawns, scallops, chicken, sautéed, steamed or roasted vegetables, cream sauces and garlic bread.