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Gourmet Inspirations Smoke & Spice is the grill-lovers’ best friend.  Want the ultimate spice blend for all things fire-cooked?  This is it! Made to boost the natural smokiness of cooking outdoors in a smoker, barbeque, grill or campfire, Smoke & Spice brings your food alive! With just the right smoke, a faint touch of sweet, and a light kick of spice, you’ll want to go to this seasoning again and again for cooking your proteins.

When the cold weather comes and outdoor cooking is put on hold for a few months, Smoke & Spice will give you a taste of summer.  Rub this spice blend on your chicken, salmon, pork, or beef, get a good sear on it with a quick high heat, then cook it through.  You’ll have a delicious meal that could make you swear it was the middle of July!

We’ve made this blend with smoked paprika and chilli powder, which both have those smoky flavours. Then we amp it up even further with the addition of coffee. Finely ground, freshly roasted,  high quality coffee beans, made especially for us Gourmet Inspirations Smoke & Spice, adds a depth and warmth that enriches the smokiness already present. Cayenne pepper adds a little punch for the spice, sea salt amplifies all the bright notes and brown sugar balances everything out.  

If you love these flavours like we do, you’ll want to use it in several other ways.  Add some of this Smoke & Spice to your ground beef mixture for making hamburger patties or meat balls. It is great with ground pork, chicken, and turkey as well.  Mix it into sauces, use it for dips, and elevate your grilled or roasted vegetables with it.  You can even, if you are bold, give a light sprinkling of this spice blend to fresh fruit like mango or cantaloupe. In all of these applications, Gourmet Inspirations Smoke & Spice will help take you from home cook to Flavour Master with the mere flick of your fingers.

Best dry rub for grilled or smoked chicken, salmon, turkey, pork, meat & bbq. Also decadent sprinkled on roasted vegetables.