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Multi-use Sweet and Spicy Lemon Glaze/Marinade For Everyday Use

It would be great to have food products that were also flexible and had more than one, or even two, uses. 

Well, that is just what we have made in Gourmet Inspirations’ Sweet and Spicy Lemon. We didn’t call it a sauce, glaze, marinade or dressing because it can’t be limited to just one. This flavourful creation is all four in one jar! 

This sweet and spicy concoction is wonderful with vegetables and salads of all kinds.  You’ll want to use it to marinate meat, poultry, seafood and pork. 

Grab a jar and use this lemony delight to sauce your pastas and change-up a stir-fry.  We’ve even drizzled some over our avocado toast!

Lemon has always been a versatile juice to use in many ways. The flavorful acid is essential to a good marinade and it is a natural flavour enhancer for seafood and vegetables. Lemon is also a great base for a vinaigrette or dressing for salads.  

By using lemon in this sweet and spicy sauce, all of the other ingredients work with the lemon to further enhance the flavor of your food. It makes it sing!  But it isn’t just one note!  

The rosemary in this marinate adds an herbaceousness and the cracked black pepper gives it an overall warmth; just a pinch of heat to round out the tasting experience. Using Sweet and Spicy Lemon takes the guesswork out of putting together your marinade or dressing.  It is all done for you.

So, whether you bathe your chicken (or scallops, or veggies, or….) in Gourmet Inspirations’ Sweet and Spicy Lemon before you cook it or slather it on after, you are sure to bring your meal from average to awesome! 

Sweet and Spicy Lemon Glaze/Marinade Uses:

  • lemon chicken marinade

  • lemon icing glaze

  • lemon glaze for cookies

  • Lemon salmon marinade 

  • lemon glaze for cakes

  • lemon chicken bbq marinade

  • lemon steak marinade

  • and whatever your brilliant mind can imagine.