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Who run the world? Really, we think the answer is anyone who drinks this tea. The Boost tea is a high-caffeine blended tea designed to give you a real pick-me up whenever you need it - whether it's a hot cup before a big meeting, a cold brew during a workout or a hot-turned-warm cup that you get to enjoy after the morning rush.

Aside from being deliciously energizing, Loosely Tea's The Boost tea is designed to help: - Provide Energy - Improve Cholesterol Levels - Support Brain and Heart Health - Introduce Antioxidants We brew it hot for a great early morning or late afternoon pick-me-up, and cool to drink throughout a gym workout.

Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng Yerba Mate Spearmint Orange Rooibos This tea is rated as having high levels of caffeine.

For best results, we recommend steeping The Boost in 180F/82C water for 4 minutes and enjoying immediately if warm, or cooling in the fridge and enjoying later.